Corporate Social Responsibility

​​​​As a socially-responsible firm, we believe in contributing to the society at large, beyond the business domain. On a regular basis, the firm runs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs mainly in the education, environmental and community welfare space.

We see Community Service as an opportunity to make real contributions and to offer services that make a lasting impact.

For years this support has been thoughtfully applied to at-risk groups, educational support, aged care, medical care and environmental protection. 

Some of our CSR initiatives are:

  • Supporting sustainability through Recycling in office. Our little effort to protect the environment.  
  • Supporting impoverished communities in developing countries through World Vision program – Sponsor A Child - Bring Hope to the Community
  • Monthly contribution towards the upkeep of a Children’s Home in Thailand.
  • Supplying some monthly groceries and necessities to a privately run Boys Shelter in Singapore. 
  • Monthly contribution towards a specific TCM Institution that provides free medical services in various parts of Singapore.
  • Quarterly, sponsoring of lunch for residents in a mentally challenged home and/or residents of a senior care home. 

We hope that together with the support of our team, we’ll be able to expand our CSR initiatives in the coming years to reach more needy people in the community.