ICA Introducing a New Electronic-Permanent Residence (e-PR) System

ICA Introducing a New Electronic-Permanent Residence (e-PR) System

According to the Department of Statistics, Singapore is home to more than 500,000 Singaporean permanent residents. Foreigners are undoubtedly drawn to the vibrant life that the Lion City offers. Singapore earned the title as the top Asian city, offering the best quality of life in the 2017 Mercer Quality of Living Ranking.


If you and your family plan to settle in Singapore for the long-term, read on to learn more about how to apply for Singaporean permanent residence (PR) with the new e-PR system. The e-PR system will take effect from December 18th according to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA.)


Who is eligible to apply for Singapore PR?

A person can apply for Singapore PR if he or she is a spouse of a Singapore citizen or Singaporean PR. The child of a Singaporean citizen or Singaporean PR is also eligible to apply for permanent residency if he or she is not married yet and is under the age of 21. The aged parent of a Singapore citizen can also apply for Singaporean PR. For foreigners who have been working in the country with an Employment Pass or S Pass permit, he or she is eligible to prepare a Sinagpore PR application. For a foreign investor keen to start a business in Singapore, he or she can apply for PR as part of the Global Investor Programme, subject to satisfying certain conditions.


What is new with the e-PR system?

Previously, an applicant needed to go to the ICA physically to apply and submit a PR application. Now, the e-PR system allows an applicant to lodge an electronic application through the ICA website.


How to apply for Singapore PR?

The applicant will need to log in to the ICA website with a valid SingPass account. SingPass, which is a shortened form of Singapore Personal Access, allows a person to access e-services offered by Singaporean government agencies. The person will need a username, a password, and a SingPass 2FA; a 2-step verification that can be done either with one’s phone or a OneKey token. Click here to register for SingPass if you have not already done so. The applicant should also have a digital color passport-size photo at hand. This photo must be set against a white background. The computer to be used in this process should have Adobe Acrobat Reader along with a camera or a scanner. Moreover, the applicant must have the required supporting documents at hand.


What are the supporting documents needed?

For a person already working in Singapore under an Employment Pass or S Pass, he or she will need to present a valid travel document, the Employment Pass or S Pass permit, an identity card, a birth certificate or official household census list or family register displaying the parents’ name, a deed poll or change of name certificate if this is applicable, all educational certificates, the testimonials from previous employers, the payslips from the past six months, and the income tax notices of assessment of the past three years. For a self-employed individual, he or she must produce a valid business registration certificate that shows their partners’ names and present the key business contracts, invoices, and receipts from the past three months. For a married applicant, he or she must also submit an official marriage certificate, death certificate or divorce certificate from previous marriages if applicable, child custody papers from previous marriages if applicable, and the spouse’s highest educational certificates.

There will be additional documentation needed if the spouse and children are to be included in the application. Should the spouse be applying for PR too, the spouse’s valid travel document, birth certificate, identity card, deed poll or change of name certificate if applicable, and death or divorce certificate from previous marriages must be submitted. If the applicant’s child is included in the PR application, the following documents will need to be produced: the child’s valid travel document, birth certificate, adoption papers if applicable, and the child’s deed poll or name change certificate if applicable.

For a foreign investor keen to apply for PR, he can refer to this link for the necessary documents to submit for his application.

It is worth noting that any documents which are not in English must be translated. The documents must either be translated at the embassy of the document-issuing country, a local public notary public, or the documents must be attested at either of these two authorities.


What is the PR fee?

The fee for each application is S$100. The payment can be made online through eNETS; or debit or credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. A S$20 fee is also required for the PR entry permit should the application be successful.


How long is the processing time?

It takes four to six months for the ICA to process a PR application. Please note that some applications will take more time to be processed.



Making a PR application can be a time-consuming and daunting process, especially with the gathering of the necessary paperwork. Contact AM Corporate Services on how we can help you for your application needs.