Six Steps to Start a New Business in Singapore [Infographic]

Six Steps to Start a New Business in Singapore [Infographic]
The proces of starting new business in Singapore involves six simple steps. The quick steps are summarized in this infographic. This blog sums up the sequence of events involved in setting up a business in Singapore and can be useful for new entrepreneurs and foreign investors. 
We aim to provide our clients with a clear picture on how to start a business in Singapore.

Starting a Business in Singapore

Starting a new Business in Singapore has 6 simple steps:

  • Choose the right business struture
  • Evaluate the feasibility of the business
  • Consider the legal requirements
  • Create a comprehensive business plan
  • Finalize a business location
  • Complete the miscellenous requirements

Although Singapore has simple and smooth business set up process, one can need professional help when it comes to deciding the business structure and completing the legal formalities. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are a new entrepreneur looking for assistance in starting a new business in Singapore. Just fill up the query form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.